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Border Guard Bangladesh


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Border Guard Bangladesh Sylhet Sector is the pioneer Sector of Border Guard Bangladesh. This Sector was raised on 01 July 1958 at Khajanchibari in Sylhet City and later shifted to its present location Akhalia on 06 June 1985. The Sector has got 304 kilometer of border length and out of which 248 kilometer land boundary and 65 kilometer river boundary. Presently  3 X Border Guard Battalion that is 5, 8 and 41 Battalion are guarding the border under this Sector.  Lieutenant Colonel Sarwar Khan was the pioneer Sector Commander of Sylhet Sector and after liberation this Sector was commanded by BA-110 Lieutenant Colonel Shamsuddin Ahmed as first Sector Commander. Since birth this Sector is performing its’s duty like protecting the borders of Bangladesh, preventing  smuggling and performing Internal Security duty. This Sector has glorious history of participating in indo-Pak war 1965 and liberation war of Bangladesh in 1971. However, widely circulated PADUA incident of 2001, UTTARKUL incident of 2006 and JAINTAPUR incidents of 2010 are the most serious border clashes of recent past in this Sector.


            After liberation this sector was renamed as Bangladesh Rifles, Sector Headquarter, Sylhet and on 23 November 2010 again renamed as Border Guard Bangladesh Sector Headquarter, Sylhet.