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Border Guard Bangladesh


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South East Region AOR

South East Region Chittagong covers the admin districts of Chittagong, Khargrachari, Rangamati, Bandaeban and Coxsbazar, surrounded by India states of Tripura and Mizoram to the North and North East respectively and Myanmar to the South East and South. Total length of International Boundary is approxmately 810 Kilometer (539 Kilometer with India and 271 Kilometer with Myanmar) which covers Border Pillar 2203 to 2364 with India and Border Pillar 1 to 73 with Myanmar.

  Geo-Demographic Landscape. The South East Region area shares about approx 539 Kilomete with India  and 271  Kilomete with Myanmar , a total of approx 810  Kilomete of common borders with the both neighbors of Bangladesh  to her south eastern region. The entire area is hilly and criss-crossed by numerous hill ranges, rivers, canals, reserved forests and tropical vegetation with villages and paras scattered all over the region. South East Region, Border Guard Bangladesh is involved in its classical role of guarding both the neighbours of Bangladesh towards her south eastern border with India  and Myanmar , having the main hilly portion amongst whole land border through no of common rivers and sea. Moreover, this Region is also involved in Counter Insurgents Operation in Chittagong Hill Tracts under Operation Uttaran and performing duties In Aid of Civil power.