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Khagrachari Sector Area of Responsibility

Khagrachari Sector is currently the largest BGB Sector with six battalions(bn) stretching over part of Mirersharai and Fatikchari Upazilas of Chittagong district, Khagrachari district and Baghaichari Upazila of Rangamati district. Beside the classical role of BGB, the under command bns are also performing In Aid to Civil Power duties. The AOR is covered with hills, jungles and few valleys. Compared to the southern part of CHT, the hills of this area are smaller in height (300 to 1800 feet). The huge valleys spread over the entire area such as Chengi valley, Maini valley and Kassalong valley, enable habitation and cultivation. However, habitation in the northern part of the area is almost nil and those areas are covered by dense jungles. The major rivers and charas that criss-cross this area are Chengi, Maini, Logang, Fenichara and Kasalong.