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2.        Area of Responsiblity .


a.   General Description.    This battalion is responsibility  for Sylhet and part of Sunamgonj district having a front of 106 km along the border from MP 1234 to 1294. The area is mostly open and flat with good number of bills and marshy areas. There are few scattered hillocks in and around TAMABIL. The MEGHALAYA hilly region on the Indian side is all along our area of responsibility. There is one ICP (Immigration Check post) in our area of responsibility location at TAMABIL and Four LCP (Land Custom Post) location at Chela, Bholagonj, Noakot and Pather quarry (presently there is no important activities in pather quarry LCP)  area along the border.


b.         Upazillas.      Total 03 bordering Upazillas of Sylhet and 02 Upazillas of Sunamgonj district are location in the area of responsibility of this battalion :



(1)       Dowarabazar (Sunambonj)

(2)       Chhatak (sunamgonj).

(3)       Sylhet sadar

(4)       Companigonj.

(5)       Goyainghat.

(6)       Jaintapur.


c.         Rd Networks.           There are good number of metalled roads connecting SYLHET with the bordering areas. The important roads the area of responsibility are as fol :


            (1)       SYLHET- SUNAMGONJ. 66 kms metalled rd.

(2)       SYLHET- CHHATAK.                  36 kms metalled rd.

(3)       SYLHET- DOWARABAZAR       54 kms metalled rd.

(4)       SYLHET- COMPANYGONJ.      37 kms metalled rd.

(5)       SYLHET- GOYAINGHAT.          50 kms metalled rd.

(6)       SYLHET- TAMABIL.                    57 kms metalled rd.


d.         Rivers .          Maj rivers in the area of responsibility mostly flow from North to South. These are :



(1)        RIVER DHOLAI (Patharquarry area, Kalairag, Kalasadek BOP).

(2)       RIVER PIYANG  (Sangram, Protappur, Sonarhat BOP).

(3)       RIVER SARI  (Jaintapur BOP).

(4)       RIVER GOYAIN  (Protappur, Sangram BOP).

(5)       RIVER ISAMOTI  (Noakot BOP).

(6)       RIVER CHELA  (Sonalichela BOP).

(7)       RIVER SURMA  (Banglabazar BOP).