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Border Guard Bangladesh


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1.         Name : 50 Border Guard Battalion.


2.         Location :  The Battalion is location at Ramu which is 16 kilometer west of Cox`s Bazar, 150 kiliomter south of Chittagong district, 80 kilometer North of Teknaf and 18 kilometer east of international Boundary. The Battalion initially  raised at Naikhongchari, on 20 July 2013 it was shifted to present location at Ramu. The total  area of 20 Acrs of land estate settlement for 50 Border Guard Battalion at Razarkul Mouza of Ramu Upozila is on progress.


3.         Flag Raising : On 19 May 2013 respected Director General, Major General Aziz Ahmed, psc, G inaugurated the raising ceremony at Naikhongchari.


4.         Background History :  After the communal  incident at Ramu on 29 September 2012, while visiting the place Honourable Prime Minister desired a Border Guard Battalion to be raised at Ramu, She was very happy seeing the performance of Border Guard Bangladesh during reconstruction of communal harmony. To bring the desire of Honourable Prime Minister into fact on 19 May 2013 Director General of Border Guard Bangladesh Major General Aziz Ahmed, psc,G raised flage of 50 Border Guard Battalion at Razarkul of Ramu Upozila. The proposal for 40 Acrs land estate settlement of Reserve forest for 50 Border Guard Battalion was sent and Honorable Prime Minister approved 20 Acrs of proposed land to declare deforest for settlement to Border Guard Bangladesh on 08 November 2013. Initially the Battalion was located at Naikhongchari with 31 Border Guard Bangladesh. On 20 July 2013 it was shifted to Ramu and occupied Ramu cultural hall and Agriculter area Coconut garden at Razarkul.