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This  Bn is presently loc at Satkhira dist under Khulna Division. This Bn covers maj portion of Satkhira dist and part of Jessore dist. Satkhira dist has seven Upazillas  (UZ) out of which Tala, Ashasuni, Satkhira Sadar, Kalaroa and Debhata fall under this Bn AOR and Kaligonj & Shamnagar fall under the AOR of 34 Border Guard Bn at Nildumur. Out of five UZs of Satkhira dist, Tala and Ashasuni UZ do not have any border.

            Topography and IB:  The land is gen flat and low lying with numerous khals, swamps and nullahs in between. Usually 40% land of Satkhira dist remain under water due to shrimp cultivation. The AOR of 38 BG Bn stretches along north to south from Chanduria to Debhata having 85 km frontier. Out of this 36 km is river and rest 49 km is land border. The river Ichamoti enters from India through Haraddah and flows southward in front of Debhata. The centre of the main stream of the river is the international bdry. INDO-BANGLADESH land BGB starts from border pillar No 1 near Haraddah to pillar No.13/3-S near Taluigacha BOP. The river Sonai originates from India and enters into BANGLADESH at Keragachi thus forming international bdry up to Chanda. The land BGB restarts from pillar No 14 at Borali and goes up to pillar No 17/7-S at Chanduria. The river Ichamoti originates from India and again enters at Chanduria thus forming international bdry up to Goga.

            POPULATION: The area is thickly pop and people are generally poor. Max people have migrated from India in 1947 and 1965. Few of them are cultivators while others are engaged in business. Approx 40% of the pop living within 8 km of the border-belt are dir or indir involved in smuggling. The people of this area being very poor are inclined to the easiest means for earning their livelihood. The terr is also favorable for smuggling. In most cases these people work as carr and the main smugglers remain out of the scene.

            ROAD COMM:

a.   RDS AND TRS:  The imp rds in this area are Jessore - Novaron - Satkhira,  Satkhira -Kaligonj rd and Khulna - Chuknagar - Satkhira rd. There are many trs and paths crissxing the area and also connect the main rd. The imp rds/trs along the border are:

(i)  Debhata-Kamarpur RD:   A pacca rd originates from Debhata upto Kamarpur making link with Townsripur, Bhatshala and Shakra.

(ii)  Bakal - Bhomra RD: This is an all weather metal rd that runs from Bakal to Bhomra Immigration Check Post (ICP) ending at zero line. There are two trs, one of them links up with Padmashakra BOP to the south and the other originates from Badamtoli, runs to the north and links upto Madra connecting Gazipur, Ghona, Kushkhali, Taluigacha and Kakdanga BOPs .

(iii)  Kadamtala- Baikari RD: This rd originates from Satkhira-Jessore highway and runs upto Baikari via Abaderhat and Satani. The rd links Kushkhali to the north and Ghona to the south.

(iv)  Kalaroa - Chanduria RD: This is a two way metal rd, which originates from Kalaroa and stretches upto Chanduria.

Water way. There are four rivers in this area, viz, River Labangabati, river Ichamati and river Sonai, Betna. However, these rivers are very small in length within the AOR and some canals emerge from these rivers cross-x the whole area. Country boats and engine boats are used to carr pers and goods through these river route.