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Area of Responsibility. This Battalion covers South West part of Natore entire area of Rajshahi and North West part of Padma river. Battalion HQ is location at Shalbagan, Sopura, Rajshahi. This Battalion is guarding 82 km frontier from kustia to chapainaubgonj.

Rajshahi is an important border district. It has got 13 Upazila, 71 union and approximately 2573000 people lives here. Most of our AOR is demarcated by mighty rever Padma.The area is gen open, flat and interspersed with numerous villages like other parts of the country. However, this area is commonly known as Barendra area.

Various road communication are as under :

(1) Rajshahi-Natore road.

(2) Rajshahi-CNGN road.

(3) Rajshahi - Naogaon road.

(4) Rajshahi - Natore and Kustia road.


Railway Communication : The Mixed Gauge railway line which originated from Rajshahi passes through Area of responsibility terminates at Amnura -CNGN and Abdulpur -Ishwardi by pass Bangabandhu  BR -Dhaka.




River Communication : BOPs on the far bank of river Padma have river communication across from home bank BOPs. In the dry season large area dries up as char. The river becomes very narrow and zigzag. But in the rainy season the river becomes full to the brim and boats can cross straight.