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Area of Responsibility.   Area of Responsibility given to this unit comprises with the bordering areas of Shyamnagar and Kaligonj Upazillas and part of Debhata Upazilla of Satkhira district. The bordering areas of Sundarban Reserve Forest are also included in our Area of Responsibility. Area of Responsibility of this Battalion starts from Langla bazar and continue down upto Talpatti. Border Guard Battalion along the border cover about 73 kelometer from Khanjia to Kaikhali Border Operation Posts.  Then there is a vast area of about 110 km upto the Bay of Bengal from kaikhali to Talpatty without any permanent Border. However, a floating Border Operation Posts has been established at Kachikata, which is about 36 kilometer from the Southeast land Border Operation Posts Kaikhali and 42 kilometer from Battalion Headquarter. Battalion Headquarter is located at Nildumur, Satkhira. Floating Border Operation Posts-2 has been planned to establish at Daichi khal by the end of Febuary 2014, which will increase the domination of the Battalion over Talpatty & the Bay of Bengal.


Various Road Communication.  The main road of this area is two way metalled road running from Satkhira to Munshigonj. We have few other roads like Nakipur- Nurnagar- Banshipur-Vetkhli and a bypass road from Shyamnagar- Noabeki - Kolbari - Nildumur. Another important communication facility is flood protection embankment, mostly running along river bank which can be used for vehicle move during dry season only. 



Railway Communication.    There is no railway communication in our Area of Responsibility.



Riverine Communication.  The river Kholpetua, Ichamoti and Kalindi are the mostly used riverine communication from Battalion Headquarter to All Border Operation Posts including Sundarban and Kachikata floating Border Operation Posts.