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This bn covers NW area of Thakurgaon dist and small part of Panchagarh dist gd 125 kms frontier from BP No 363 near BETNA BOP to BP No 417 near SONAPATILA BOP. Bn is flanked by 2 BG Bn to the south and 18 BG Bn of RNG sector to the North. MISTRIPARA BOP of 18 BG Bn and BUZRUK BOP of 2 BG Bn are the adjacent BOPs on the north and south respectively. This bn has 20 BOPs, 4 BSPs, 1 Spl camp and 1 Cattle Corridor.

Imp Rds.        This area is gen open and flat. No of rds and tr criss crossed the whole AOR and provide good rd comm to all the BOPs. Ims rds and tr within our are as under :

            (1)        Road Dhaka-Bogra-Rangpur-Sayedpur-Thakurgaon

            (2)        Road Dhaka-Bogra-Ghoraghat-Dinajpur-Thakurgaon.

            (3)        Road Thakurgaon- Baliadangi-Nekmorad-Dharmagarh.

            (4)        Road Thakurgaon- Baliadangi- Nekmorad- Ranisankail-Haripur.

            (5)        Road Thakurgaon-Pirganj-Ranisankail.

            (6)        Road Thakurgaon-Ruhia-Atowari-Panchagarh.

Rail comm.     Panchagarh-Thakurgaon-Dinajpur is the only broad gauge rly line within our AOR. On the other side, imp townships are well connected by Railway with the other parts of India. In that region, North-Eastern rly line is the most imp means of comm.


(1)        River NAGOR and TANGON are two maj rivers in our AOR. River NAGOR flows from north to south through the western part of our AOR. width of these rivers are approx 75-100 yds and depth is 25-30 ft.

(2)        River TANGON flows from north to south following the eastern part of our AOR. Width of this river is approx 100 yds and depth is 25-30 ft at places.

(3)        There are some small rivers also, namely TIRNAI and KULIK. All of them are originating from India.


(1)        There is an Air strip, which was constr and used during WW-II, loc 7 km south west of TKG dist town.

               (2)        There is an Air port for domestic flight only at SAYEDPUR.

(3)        So far it is known that India does not have any Ait port/Air strip against our.