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1.       Area of Responsibility. This Battalion covers South West part of Jessore District.   The operation area of responsibility of this battalion falls under Sharsha Upazilla of Jessore District having a border length of 31 kilometer. The area of responsibility in the border starts from the south from Bangladesh Pillar No 17/7S-18R upto the north Bangladesh Pillar No 18/3-S. The river Ichamati runs almost all along the border except near Daulatpur Border Operation Post where the river has gone inside the Indian side. Only one Main pillar falls under our area of responsibility. Battalion Headquarter is located at Gualkhali, Khalishpur, Khulna.   

Jessore is an Important border district. It has got 08 Upazila, 128 Union an approximately 24,40,693 people lives in the district. Only Sharshah Upazila of Jessore district. Area of responsibility of this Battalion covers Sharshah Upazila of Jessore District which has got an important land part namely Putkhali and Daulatpur. Large number of cattle heads were coming from India to Bangladesh through Navaron and Sonabaria cattle corridoor.  


Communication.  There are two metal roads which connects the Border Operation Post with the battalion Headquarter.  The roads are Khulna – Jessore  - Benapole and Khulna – Satkhira – Kolaroa – Bagachra. Khulna – Jessore rd is the part of Khulna – Dhaka highway. The distance of the BorderOperation Post from battalion Headquarter is around 115 kilometer and takes about two and half hours from any direct. Border Operation Post in border areas are connected with Kacha-Pacca roads. Move of Jeep and P/Up through track are extremely difficult during rainy season. Details of road, railway and river communication within Area of Responsibility are as under:


a.       Main Roads.The prominent roads which connects our Area of

ressponsibility with battalion Headquarter are:

                 (1)   Khulna – Jessore– Benapole.                                                        

(2)   Khulna – Satkhira – Kolaroa – Bagachra.


b.     Railway Communication.    A broad gauge railway line connects Khulna with Benapole through Jessore. This is the main raiway line which connects with Dhaka.


       c.       River.         The river Ichamati runs all along the border and the Internal Boundary is in most cases the middle of the river. After passing through the Area of Responsibility of Putkhali Border Operation Post the river goes inside India.