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AREA OF PONSIBILITY PONSIBILITY.  The Operation Post Area of Responsibility of this Battalion falls from 30 Border Guard Battalion to the SW and Rangpur Sector to the SE, starting from Mistripara Border Operation Post (Bangladesh Pillar NO. 417) up to Boroshoshi Border Operation Post  (Bangladesh Pillar  NO.780), gd approx 238 kilometer of border line. This Battalion Area of Responsibility  falls within the dist of Panchagarh. This Battalionons is also responsible to assistant civil adminstrative in maintenance law and order situation when called upon to do so. There are 74 main pillars, 1238 Sub Pillars and 298 Reference pillar. 26 Border Operation Posts  including 01 speciall camps within our Post Area of Responsibility . Communication with other part of Bangladesh by road from Thakurgaon, Nilphamari district of Bangladesh and North Bengal of Panchagarh is an important border district. It has 05 upzilla and 02 municiple corporation. Total upzilla has International Boundary with India. Only one LCP Post Area of Responsibility Post Area of Responsibility of this battalion namely Banglabanda is an important LCP. A large number of export & import commodity passes through this land port. 


ORBAT.    18 Border Guard Battalion is under Thakurgaon Sector of South West Region. The Battalion Headquarter is location at Panchagarh which is 38 kilometer North of Thakurgaon. The Battalion came to Panchagarh from Chotaharina and has taken over the responsible on 25 Febuary 2012. Details as under:

(1)       Border Line.   238 kilometer.

(2)       Total Border Operation Posts.   26 (Including 01x special camp at Pediagach).

(3)       Main Pillar. There are 74 main pillars from Banglaqdesh Pillar 417 to 780.

(4)       LCP.  Banglabandha.

(5)       BORDER SECURITY POST. This Battalion has 5 x Border security posts location at Pediagoch, Kazipara, Shonnashipara, Dangapara and Nidhigoach.




(1)       Road Communication :       There is only Highway from Panchagarh to Thakurgaon.


(2)             Railway Communication :     There is only one railway communication from Panchagarh to Thakurgaon.             


(3)              River Communication :       Nil.